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We should still be a methods from worrying what number of yottabytes your pc can maintain, however the worldwide requirements neighborhood has added two new prefixes for even greater numbers than that — ronna for 1027 and quetta for 1030.

At a convention in Paris final week, representatives from quite a few governments obtained collectively to vote on the official names for these monumental magnitude indicators. The final time they did this was in 1991, when the now-familiar zetta and yotta had been added, in addition to zepto and yocto for his or her respective destructive powers of 10.

As you will have guessed, we additionally now have phrases for 10-27 and 10-30: ronto and quecto.

Whereas there are few issues that may’t adequately be described by way of the prevailing prefixes, it’s type of good to have single items for some acquainted scales. For example, as Nature factors out, Earth’s mass is a few ronnagram, and the mass of an electron is a few quectogram. Handy while you’re weighing them within the kitchen.

Extra importantly, although, this supplies a bit room to develop for information science, wherein we’re already speaking about “exascale” computing and zettabytes of information — in actual fact, as a planet we’re anticipated to supply a yottabyte per 12 months within the 2030s, except some blessed intervention takes place. What comes subsequent?

In the event you requested per week in the past, the reply could be “hellabytes” after which “brontobytes,” which are literally nice phrases however, as Richard Brown, the British Metrologist who proposed the prefixes, warned Nature, “fully unofficial.” Sadly, the prefixes additionally battle with present abbreviations, and possibly nobody in Southern California would countenance having to make use of “hella” in any official context.

“It’s not particularly that I wished to be a killjoy, though that comes into it as nicely,” Brown stated — to the victor the spoils and all that, however no have to rub it in, Richard. At any price, the convention cited “the significance of well timed motion to stop unofficial prefix names being de facto adopted in different communities” as one of many causes for adopting the brand new ones.

Ronna and quetta had been arrived at after years of debate and elimination of alternate options. It’s maybe odd that the brand new time period must be so near “rona,” one thing we would favor to not be reminded of, however we could also be comforted by the truth that we’re unlikely to want the time period for years to return and hopefully the pandemic will probably be a distant reminiscence by then (and, allow us to hope, not as a result of it was eclipsed by a worse one).

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