keyboard – Why do keystrokes get delayed on poor web connections?

I expertise an issue with keystrokes being sporadically delayed by a number of milliseconds, seemingly when my laptop computer has a poor web connection.

I initially thought it was an issue with my earlier Mac (2018 MacBook Professional, with the dodgy keyboard) however I’ve now additionally observed it on a 2021 14″ M1 Professional. The brand new machine was restored from a backup of the previous one.

The issue occurs throughout a number of apps (e.g. textedit, chrome), however I’ve solely observed it once I’m on a practice.

The importance of being on the practice is that it has actually poor WiFi — numerous misplaced and delayed packets — and I confirmed that once I flip the WiFi off, the issue goes away immediately.

The M1 Professional is operating Monterey, though the issue has occurred constantly over the past couple of years and at the least one OS improve.

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