iOS, Swift, Picture Metadata, XMP, DJI Drones

I am writing an iOS Swift app to fetch metadata from DJI drone photos. I am attempting to entry the Xmp.drone-dji.X metadata. The iOS/Swift CGImageSource and CGImageMetadata libraries/lessons get nearly all the metadata out of the picture however not the Xmp.drone-dji. Once I get a listing of tags, these tag/values are usually not listed. I do know the tags/knowledge are within the photos as a result of I’ve examined the pictures utilizing exif, exiv2, and so on.

Any solutions?

Right here is the code I am utilizing thus far:

end result.itemProvider.loadDataRepresentation(forTypeIdentifier: UTType.picture.identifier)
{ knowledge, err in
if let knowledge = knowledge {

    let src = CGImageSourceCreateWithData(knowledge as CFData,nil)!
    let md = CGImageSourceCopyPropertiesAtIndex(src,0,nil) as! NSDictionary
    let md2 = CGImageSourceCopyMetadataAtIndex(src,0,nil)


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