i am getting this error in react native for ios when including firebase storage ‘FirebaseStorage/FirebaseStorage-Swift.h’ file not discovered

require_relative '../node_modules/react-native/scripts/react_native_pods'
require_relative '../node_modules/@react-native-community/cli-platform-ios/native_modules'

platform :ios, '12.4'
set up! 'cocoapods', :deterministic_uuids => false

pod 'Firebase', :modular_headers => true
pod 'FirebaseCoreInternal', :modular_headers => true
pod 'GoogleUtilities', :modular_headers => true
pod 'FirebaseCore', :modular_headers => true
pod 'FirebaseAppCheckInterop', :modular_headers => true
pod 'FirebaseAuthInterop', :modular_headers => true
pod 'FirebaseCoreExtension', :modular_headers => true
pod 'GTMSessionFetcher', :modular_headers => true
$RNFirebaseAsStaticFramework = true

goal 'schooler' do
  config = use_native_modules!

  $RNFirebaseAsStaticFramework = true

  # Flags change relying on the env values.
  flags = get_default_flags()

    :path => config[:reactNativePath],
    # Hermes is now enabled by default. Disable by setting this flag to false.
    # Upcoming variations of React Native might depend on get_default_flags(), however
    # we make it specific right here to help within the React Native improve course of.
    :hermes_enabled => true,
    :fabric_enabled => flags[:fabric_enabled],
    # Allows Flipper.
    # Word that when you have use_frameworks! enabled, Flipper won't work and
    # it's best to disable the following line.
    :flipper_configuration => FlipperConfiguration.enabled,
    # An absolute path to your software root.
    :app_path => "#{Pod::Config.occasion.installation_root}/.."

  goal 'schoolerTests' do
    inherit! :full
    # Pods for testing

  post_install do |installer|
      # Set `mac_catalyst_enabled` to `true` as a way to apply patches
      # vital for Mac Catalyst builds
      :mac_catalyst_enabled => false

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