Hanu Software program Options Interview Expertise

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Job Title: PAAS/IAAS/Information Engineer Position
It was a 3-day course of. The entire onboarding course of was easy. The interview had completely different rounds as follows:

On-line Evaluation Spherical (Elimination Spherical): This spherical had 11 sections comprising questions from Aptitude, Logical Capacity, Quantitative Capacity, English Comprehension, Working System, SQL, and a pair of coding questions.

Out of 148 college students, 44 had been chosen for the subsequent spherical.

Group Dialogue Spherical (Elimination Spherical): This spherical was fairly simple. One explicit (present affair) subject was given. Our subject: Cashless Financial system. Everybody was given 30 seconds to introduce themselves after which the group dialogue began formally.

Out of 44 college students, 20 had been chosen for the subsequent spherical.

HR interview (Elimination Spherical): We had a Pre-Placement discuss on campus adopted by an HR interview. The HR interview had questions like:

  • Inform me about your self.
  • Inform me about your loved ones background.
  • What excites you about Cloud?
  • What’s Cloud Computing?
  • What’s TCP/IP?
  • What’s the Waterfall mannequin?
  • Why Hanu?
  • What’s your present location?

Out of 20 college students, 10 had been chosen for the subsequent spherical.

Technical interview (Elimination Spherical): The technical spherical was a bit simple to tough degree. The interview requested me questions like:

  • Which programming language you’re most comfy with?
  • Then the interviewer requested questions from that programming language.
  • Why Java is safer than different languages?
  • What number of forms of inheritance Java helps?
  • Why it doesn’t assist A number of Inheritance? Is there any option to assist that?
  • What’s the distinction between the Summary class and the final class?
  • What’s stack and queue knowledge construction?
  • What are other ways to implement Queue knowledge construction?
  • Distinction between Relational and Non-relational databases. 
  • If I offer you an Excel spreadsheet? Can we name it a Relational Database? If sure/no, justify.
  • What number of forms of constructors are there?
  • Do you could have any questions?

P.S : Get your fundamentals clear.

Out of 10 college students, 6 had been chosen for the subsequent spherical.

Psychometric Check (Non-elimination Spherical): This spherical was fairly simple. It had 30 behavioral questions. I received chosen.

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