Accounting Therapy of Quantity Because of Deceased Associate

After making all of the changes associated to the companions, the stability as a result of deceased companion is transferred to his/her executor’s account. This quantity is paid to the executor in both of the next methods:

1. Lump-sum in a single instalment:

Below this methodology of cost, the total quantity as a result of deceased companion is paid directly to his/her executor.

2. In multiple instalment:

Below this methodology, the quantity due is paid to the executor in multiple instalment, and so, an executor is eligible to obtain an curiosity of 6percentp.a. The executor at his possibility may demand a share within the revenue of the agency as a substitute of the curiosity on such a due quantity. The share of revenue is decided by dividing the revenue within the ratio of a deceased companion’s capital to the whole capital employed.


Journal Entries:

1. As a Lump-sum in a single instalment:


2. In multiple instalment:

a. Curiosity due:


b. Cost made:


Format of an Executor Account:


1. Lump-sum in a single instalment:


Rahul, Tina, and Anjali had been companions sharing income within the ratio of 6: 1: 1. Their Stability Sheet as on thirty first March 2021 was:


Anjali in an accident died on thirty first December 2021, and the deed supplied: 

  1. The deceased companion will likely be entitled to obtain his share of income as much as the date of demise on the idea of the earlier 12 months’s income. Internet Revenue of the final 12 months was ₹ 4,00,000.
  2.  Curiosity on Capital is to be allowed at 5% p.a.
  3. Drawings until the date of Anjali is ₹ 36,000, and curiosity is to be charged @5% p.a.
  4. Quantity as a result of Executor of the deceased companion is paid directly. 

Calculate the quantity as a result of Executor of the deceased companion, Put together the mandatory accounts and move the journal entries.





Working Notes:

1. Anjali's~share~of~profit=4,00,000timesfrac{1}{8}=₹50,000    for one 12 months

For 9 months:


2. Curiosity on Capital for 9 months:


3.  Curiosity on Drawing for 9 months:


2. In multiple instalment:

Prakash, Sohan, and Rohan shared income in a ratio of two: 2: 1. Rohan died on thirty first December 2020. Their Stability Sheet on the identical date appeared as:


Extra Data:

  1. Curiosity on Capital was ₹ 300.
  2. Rohan’s share of Goodwill was ₹10,000, to be contributed by the remaining companions equally.
  3. Rohan’s share of revenue until the date of demise ₹ 1,500.
  4. ₹2,800 was paid instantly to his executor, and the stability is paid in two equal instalments from 1st April 2021 with an curiosity of 6percentp.a.

Put together Rohan’s Executor’s Account and move the mandatory journal entries.





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